Hidden Alliances_versteckt verbunden

Perplexed by what was purported to be a world without female artists in the electronic music/art genre, I embarked on a search in the 1990s. Geschichten and portrait 01 – Die Futuristin, projects produced by ORF–Austrian Broadcasting Company’s Ö1 Kunstradio — led, following the founding of the IMA Institute of Media Archeology in 2005, to the IMAfiction series, in which 10 female artists, pioneers of their time, told rather a different story and together wove a fascinating network of interrelationships. (Elisabeth Schimana)

  • Hidden Alliances_Versteckt Verbunden

Maryanne Amacher (US) / Michèle Bokanowski (FR) / Brigitta Bödenauer (AT) / Martin Breindl / Hank Bull / Helga de la Motte-Haber (DE) / Andreas Fellinger / Beatriz Ferreyra (AR,FR) / Anna Friz (CAN) / Lona Gaikis / Heidi Grundmann (AT) / Darsha Hewitt (CAN / DE) / Cat Hope (AUS) / Electric Indigo (AT) / Doris Ingrisch / Elsa Justel (ARG) / Christine Kakaire / Rahma Khazam / Anne La Berge (NL) / Milena Meller / Moor Mother aka Camae Ayewa (US) / Eliane Radigue (FR) / Sabine Sanio / Carla Scaletti (US) / Elisabeth Schimana (AT) Hemma Schmutz / Andrea Sodomka (AT) / Anna Soucek / Gerfried Stocker / Liesl Ujvary (AT) / Hildegard Westerkamp (CAN) / Rebekah Wilson (NZ) / Elisabeth Zimmermann