Get it Rolling!

The idea of revitalizing the Klangturm is a matter of hart for IMA. For the first time in many years, the Klangturm will be reopened to the public as part of the Tangente festival, and in particular the StadtLandFluss festival taking place during Tangente. Thanks to the cooperation with Architekturerbe Österreich, the public will also learn about the history of the Klangturm during a guided tour through the government district.

The program revolves around the concepts of turntablism and DIY. Sound installations, concerts and DJ sets take place under this motto.

Program Friday 21 06 2024
from 3:pm installations by Thomas Nagl, Christine Schörkhuber and Elisabeth Flunger
6pm Elisabeth Flunger & Arnold Haberl aka noid - concert
9pm dieb13 - concert
10pm - 12pm Lounge: DJ-Set Masha Dabelka & Floating Sketches

Programm Saturday 22 06 2024
from 3pm Installations by Thomas Nagl, Christine Schörkhuber and Elisabeth Flunger
3pm + 5pm Timo Riess - Guided tour of the architectural history of the St. Pölten government district
18:00 Elisabeth Flunger - Konzert
22:00 + 23:00 Mieko Suzuki & Claudia Rohrmoser - Audiovisuelle Performance

Please reserve concerts and guided tours due to limited places!!

  • Fr 21 06 2024 und SA 22 06 2024
    In cooperation with Tangente St. Pölten - Festival for Contemporary Culture, StadtLandFluss and Architekturerbe Österreich
    Curator: Elisabeth Schimana

    Klangturm St. Pölten
    Kulturbezirk 1, St. Pölten

In cooperation with

Special thanks to Andreas Fränzl and Heidrun Schlögl!

Masha Dabelka / Dieter Kovacic aka dieb13 / Floating Sketches / Elisabeth Flunger / Thomas Nagl / Timo Riess / Christine Schörkhuber / Mieko Suzuki & Claudia Rohrmoser